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taken by morgan reynolds conceptualized by max levine

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vinyl tape on stairs- jim lambie 

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  1. I spent $102 on a mattress pad in hopes of making my bed more appealing. I still slept on the couch last night. It doesn’t feel as empty. 
  2. I threw a wine glass at the wall when someone said your name on tv. I started reading more. 
  3. I tried to stop watering the plants you gave me but I couldn’t stand to watch them die. They’re still on the windowsill but I keep the curtains closed. 
  4. I saw you today. I left class early and went and got ice cream. 
  5. I’m sorry I called you when I was drunk. I think I wanted to ask for my underwear back. Maybe you didn’t even listen to the voicemail. 
  6. I kissed a boy at my roommate’s birthday party but it didn’t feel right. He shaved his facial hair. I miss the scratching. 
  7. I wanted to tell you that I think it’s getting better. I don’t remember how big your hands were, anymore.
  8. I think i miss the idea of you more than I miss you. 
  9. You were a really good idea. 
  10. I love you. But I love myself enough to stop. 
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Antonio Adriano Puleo, 2011, 9 x 12in, oil and enamel on canvas

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and we love you very very very very very very very much

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Sincerely Yours,

"Sincerely Yours, is a graphic design exhibition by nine designers who had recently completed their MA Graphic Design course at the London College of Communication.  The exhibition showcases a body of work from a group of diverse individuals who have approached the design practice in an investigatory and research-based method. The projects presented deal with contemporary issues that range from the social and political to the personal and cultural. The 9 participating designers took part in the making of the visual identity and the various communication applications of the show.
 www.sincerelyyoursshow.com “

project by:Marwan Kaabour

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I’m going to spend my spring break buying underwear and reading books.
I hope you all have a lovely break. 

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